Our frontline workers feel unsafe.


    A suit reduces anxiety so they can focus on fighting Covid-19






    We donated 2000+ washable suits to NYC and US healthcare workers.


  • About Us

    Our team is completely volunteer-based.

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    Alicia is an emergency medicine resident in NYC, working in the ER and ICU treating critically ill COVID-19 patients. She is a graduate of Brown Medical School and is passionate about advocacy and social medicine. Learn more about Alicia here.

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    Dan specializes in the intersection of law and technology to advance inclusive cities. He has a J.D. and Ph.D. from Harvard. Dan is Alicia’s partner and is passionate about protecting her health. Learn more about Dan here.

  • Alicia's Story

    Every day, I have come home extremely humbled by my colleagues.


    I'm an emergency physician, and I've been working in the ICU and ER during the Covid-19 pandemic.


    When a patient loses a pulse, any one of us will jump in to do CPR, another will place a breathing tube, and another will place an IV.


    All of these procedures expose multiple staff members in a high-risk manner, aerosolizing secretions in a crowded space and contaminating multiple areas of our bodies.

    Every time I lead a resuscitation, I think:


    How can we continue giving our patients the best chance of survival, while keeping the entire team safe?

  • I'm not the only one who is concerned.

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    It is disheartening to see all your colleagues and friends not adequately protected


    ...and knowing that their chances of getting it are going up by the moment. ​


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    When a vent disconnected, there was virus spewing from this patient.


    I became very cognizant of my exposed neck, ears, cheeks, and arms covered by a thin layer of yellow mesh, despite having a mask and face shield.


    I do not want to die.


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    There is a feeling of never being able to get clean enough.


    You wash as much as you can, but you just don’t feel comfortable because you know some of your clothing is exposed, parts of your skin, or even hair.


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    At first, having my back and legs exposed didn't seem to be an issue.


    But on deeper consideration, the possibility of viral spread from my scrubs to me or my family is real, even with all the proper techniques.


  • A Solution - The Harvard Study

    Masks are the first priority. Yet healthcare workers need more.


    While infection rates of health-care workers were greater than three times that of the general public, after Chinese hospitals used full gear and safety protocols, "there were no further reports of infected workers," according to Dr. Xihong Lin, former chair of the Harvard biostatistics department.


    Furthermore, this study demonstrated zero transmission to healthcare workers wearing full gear performing emergency intubations of 202 Covid-positive patients in Wuhan.


    Full gear includes a protective suit, goggles, face shield, N95 mask, and gloves.


    In contrast, most US hospitals employ a mask, a thin gown, and gloves. Eye protection, a face shield, and a hair bouffant cap may or may not be worn.









    Emergency providers wearing our donated suits

  • Our Pilot - The Washable Suit


    Instead of the daily disposable suits used in China, reusable suits make head-to-toe coverage feasible.


    Since all providers are instructed to wear the suit under a disposable gown, the suit can only add a layer of protection to the existing protective wear.


    Without the suit, we may carry contaminants on our scrubs, bare arms, and neck, exposing our communities and families.


    Now, with the suits we've donated, workers can remove them before leaving the hospital, wearing clean garments on their way home.


  • The Prototype

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    The current standard only involves a mask, sheer gown, and gloves, which exposes the bare neck, the back of the scrubs, and other areas.

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    Beneath the disposable gown, a reusable suit offers more coverage. This is paired with a face shield, goggles, and mask.


    Our suit does not replace any existing PPE.

  • When we asked 1000+ frontline workers

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    said they'd feel safer with a suit.


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    Only 9% said they feel safe with their current protective wear.


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    A suit reduces anxiety so we can really focus on doing our jobs


  • Q&A

    Q: Aren't N95s the highest priority?
    A: Yes. Leaders are responding to this demand, and we fully support increasing mask supply. We need to supply head-to-toe gear at the same time. See lessons from Wuhan's response


    Q: Will coveralls increase the risk of infection between patients, since you can't change them on shift?
    A: We would only wear a coverall together with full standard PPE protocol, including a disposable gown over it that can be changed as you would regardless of the coverall. We would remove the coverall before leaving the hospital.


    Q: How do we keep our coveralls clean?
    A: First, these should only be worn under disposable gowns. We will only buy coveralls that are machine washable (or hand wash) just like our scrubs. Please wash them once a day after your shift in cold or warm water with detergent then hang up to dry.

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    450+ Frontline Workers Publicly Support This Campaign

    Lillian Wong, MD
    Benjamin Laraway, MD
    William Berk, MD
    Puja Patel, MD
    Tim Friedmann, MD
    Micah Nite, MD
    Benjamin Hong, MD
    Mike Barsky, MD
    Denny Perez, RN
    Samantha LeDonne, MD
    Jacqueline McCorey
    Gaurav Bhargava, MD
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